Cloudy water

Cloudy water

Many factors affect the quality of water. No worries, the AZUR brand offers simple and effective solutions for clean and clear water in no time so that you can enjoy your pool again with peace of mind.


There are 4 possible causes of cloudy pool water.

  1. Lack of chlorine;
  2. Suspended particles;
  3. Insufficient filtration;
  4. Elevated pH.

Here is the solution to each of these problems.


Lack of chlorine


The chlorine level in a swimming pool must be at least 1 ppm and at most 3 ppm. During CHLORINE SHOCK TREATMENT, it can reach up to 10 ppm without any problem, as long as it is not for a long period of time.


Water will become cloudy due to a lack of disinfectant when the chlorine demand becomes too high compared to the chlorine level in the pool. The level of 1 to 3 ppm is normally perfect to achieve the desired chlorine demand. It is the residues and bacteria that increase the demand for chlorine. The more there is, the higher the demand will be. The water temperature will also increase the demand for chlorine. Water at 80°F will need twice as much chlorine as water at 70°F. It is therefore important to test the chlorine every day in the pool to respect the parameters.


The solution is simple! It is necessary to do a shock treatment with chlorine using TURBO SHOCK that you will pour into the skimmer (250 gr. per 10 000 litres of pool water).


Suspended particles


Whatever the type of filter, it has limits to its ability to filter small particles. When the particles are too small, they pass through the sand or cartridge and return to the pool. Over time, with an increasing number of particles, the water will turn greyish and slowly it will become cloudy.


Suspended particles are easy to see at night when the lights are turned on in the pool. They define the light field.


The solution is simple! With a sand filter, it is necessary to put 1 stick of CLARIMAX in the skimmer. The clarifier will form a layer on the sand that will capture all the particles that pass through. Then wait a few days and backwash.


If you are using a cartridge filter, use the liquid CLARIFIER (260 mL / 10,000 L of water) that you will pour into the water all around the pool. The clarifier will work as a coagulant and trap the particles in the cartridge. You will then have to take the cartridge out of the filter and clean it.


Insufficient filtration


It is important to know that you should never stop filtering the pool. The pool must be filtered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hydro Québec often conducts energy-saving campaigns by recommending that you turn off the pool filtration at night. This is a mistake.


It’s like asking your kidneys to stop working at night. You would be doing more harm than good to your system.


By stopping the filtration of the pool at night, you will have to spend a lot more on chemicals to solve the problems it will cause in terms of electricity savings.


The pool pump must therefore be in continuous operation all day long, all summer long.


In addition, it is not very good for the pump to stop and restart all the time. On the long run you will only damage it, which will result in additional costs (pump change).


pH is too high


When water gets cloudy when a chemical product is added, it is always caused by the product’s excessive pH.


In any case, to have clear water, it is necessary to test the pH and reduce it to 7.5 using the pH-.


In order to maintain clear and sparkling water during the swimming season, make sure to have your pool water analyzed regularly by your specialized retailer to adjust and maintain the following parameters: total alkalinity, calcium hardness and stabilizer. Ideally, the week following the
opening of your pool, in early June and late July.

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