Pool opening

Winter is over and the ice is melted in your pool? As soon as the risk of frost has passed you can start thinking about opening your pool.


Every pool has its own peculiarities and over the years you will get to know yours. Here are some general tips that can make your life easier and help you get it started.

The sooner the better!


First, know that it’s always easier to start your pool when the water is clear and cool. Waiting too long will allow algae to invade the standing water under the effect of heat making the pool harder to open.


The 8 steps to follow for opening most pools


  1. Before reconnecting all equipment, first remove the dead leaves from the bottom of the pool. If you have put up a winter cover, you will have less leaves to pick up.
  2. Then, clean the ring that has formed around the pool. We suggest you use the VINYL CLEANER.
  3. When you have removed most of the dead leaves and other dirt in your water, reconnect all the elements removed in the fall (such as the pump, salt system, etc.).
  4. Raise the water level so that it reaches the top of the skimmer.
  5. Once the pool is filled, run the vacuum on DRAIN or WASTE position to get the dirty water out of the pool and not clog your filter with algae. To avoid lowering the water level too quickly, you can put the hose in the pool and fill with water at the same time as you clean.
  6. Let the water circulate for 24 hours. You can then go to your retailer to purchase the appropriate products. We suggest 2 options to open your pool, either an OPENING KIT or the TURBO SHOCK product. *** For the greatest of ease, we recommend TURBO SHOCK since you will only have one product to handle. This product must be poured into
    the skimmer while the filtration is running and the lever of your filter is in FILTRATION mode.
  7. After treatment, bring back a water sample for analysis and balancing. Depending on the results, you may need to adjust the alkalinity and hardness using different products.
  8. After opening the pool, do a backwash and clean the filter with the SAND FILTER CLEANER. Once that’s done, turn the systems back on.

Be aware that it is very important to have your water tested for alkalinity and hardness every six weeks, as rain can cause them to drop.


If you wish to opt for the opening kit and you have a salt pool, you will need to use the following kit which is specially designed for this purpose.

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