ALGAECIDES : These products control or kill algae in swimming pool water.

Includes 10% preventative algaecide, 40% and 60% destructive algaecide and phosphate remover.

Algae are aquatic plants that find in the pool, the ideal place to develop. To avoid the appearance of algae, treat the pool water properly and make sure to clean your equipment. The presence of algae is initially due to a lack of disinfectant. To solve an algae problem (green, yellow or black), super chlorinate with a shock treatment with chlorine and a concentrated destructive algaecide (40-60%).​


Preventive liquid algaecide with a concentration of 10% at an economical price. Take note that algaecides in 10% concentrations are not effective for visible algae since they are preventative algaecides.​


Liquid destructive algaecide with a 40% concentration used for prevention and destruction of algae. Non foaming.​


Liquid destructive algaecide with a 60% concentration used for prevention and destruction of algae. Non foaming.​

The main causes of algae growth in swimming pools are a lack of sanitizer and the presence of phosphates. If your sanitizer level is sufficient (1 to 3 ppm) and algae are still blooming, it is possible that phosphate level is too high (more than 300 ppb). Research has proven phosphates are the main cause of algae growth and essential nutrients for algae. If you only kill algae, phosphates they have absorbed will then be released in swimming pool water.​


Removes phosphates that promote proliferation of algae in the water. Phosphate is a nutrient for algae. Chlorine and algaecides cannot eliminate it. Make sure to use this product when there are no more visible algae.​

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