Pool closing

Every fall, it’s time to take care of the pool closure. This mandatory operation can take a few hours.


Whether for an in-ground or above-ground pool, it is best to wait until the water temperature is below 12 degrees Celsius (55° F). This way, the water will retain its properties and algae will not be able to proliferate. Moreover, it will be easier to reopen your pool in the spring.

The 13 steps to follow to close an above-ground pool

  1. First turn off the pump and close the skimmer.
  2. Bring the backwash hose to the street and, using the pump, lower the water up to 18 inches below the skimmer. For the water to come out of the backwash hose, the filter handle must be in backwash mode.
  3. Shut down, disconnect and remove the pump. Empty it and clean the basket. If you have a sand filter, remove the purge plug which is located
    at the bottom of the filter and let all the water escape.
  4. Remove and store the skimmer basket and door, pressure gauge and filter eye. Set the filter handle to “winterize” mode.
  5. If you have a salt system, UV system or chlorinator, remove and store.
  6. If you have a water heater, turn off the power and drain the water using a shop vac or leaf blower.
  7. Remove the return water jet and put a cap on it.
  8. Aim the 3-way valve of the skimmer at the bottom drain.
  9. Pour a gallon of antifreeze into the skimmer, then install and secure an expansion coil in the skimmer pipe.
  10. Add a two-piece styrofoam protection kit (styrofoam) to the skimmer.
  11. Use a CLOSING KIT following the instructions on the box.
  12. Install a protective net or pool cover to prevent leaves from landing in your pool.
  13. Store equipment that you have unplugged, ladder, lights, etc. It’s best to store them in a heated garage or in a cool, dry place inside your residence. They’ll be safe from freezing.

Common mistakes


It is important to adequately protect your investment. Owners often forget a few steps that, if not carried out, will damage the equipment.

Some of the most common mistakes are :

  • Forgetting to close the drain valve. Result: The pool empties;
  • Forgetting to add antifreeze, which results in broken pipes, among other things;
  • Storing the pump, salt system or UV system outside, which causes premature wear.
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