Cloudy water spa

cloudy water

Many factors affect water quality. Don’t worry, the AZUR SPA range of products offers simple and effective solutions to restore clean and clear water in a short period of time so that you can enjoy your spa again with complete peace of mind.


There are three possible causes of cloudy spa water:

  1. Lack of chlorine;
  2. Suspended particles;
  3. pH is too high.

We will now see the solution to each of these problems.


1. Lack of Chlorine

The chlorine level in a spa must be a minimum of 3 ppm and a maximum of 5 ppm. When it is decided to do a chlorine shock treatment, the level can reach up to 10 ppm without any problem, as long as it is not for a long period of time.


Water will become cloudy due to a lack of disinfectant when the chlorine demand becomes too high in relation to the chlorine level in the spa. A level of 3 to 5 ppm is normally perfect to achieve the desired chlorine demand. It is the residues and bacteria that increase the chlorine demand. The more bacteria there are, the higher the demand will be. The water temperature will also increase the chlorine demand. Water at 100°F will require twice as much chlorine as water at 90°F. Therefore, it is important to test the chlorine in the spa daily to ensure that the parameters are being met.


The solution is simple! A chlorine shock treatment should be done using the PURI SPA product that you will sprinkle directly into the spa water (40 g per 1000 litres of water).


2. Suspended Particles


Regardless of the type of filter used, there are limits to its ability to filter out small particles from the water. When particles are too small, they pass through the cartridge filter and return to the spa. Over time, as the number of particles increases, the water will turn greyish and will slowly become cloudy.


Suspended particles are easily seen at night when the spa lights are turned on. They define the light field.


The solution is simple! Leave a tablet of CLARI SPA in the spa water. This will trap suspended particles inside the cartridge filter. After 12 hours the cartridge filter must be well rinsed under running water.


3. pH Is Too High


When the water is cloudy due to the addition of a chemical, it is because the pH of the product is too high.


In any case, to have clear water, the pH must be tested and reduced to 7.5 using pH-.


Summary – To avoid damaging the pool


  • Lack of chlorine: Adjust the chlorine level to between 3 and 5 ppm.
  • Suspended particles: Eliminate suspended particles using CLARI SPA.
  • pH is too high: Adjust the pH downwards using pH-. Make sure to keep the pH of the water between 7.2 and 7.8 at all times.

In order to keep the water clear and limpid throughout the bathing season, do not hesitate to have the spa water tested on a regular basis by a specialized dealer to adjust and maintain the total alkalinity and calcium hardness of the water at an optimal level.

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