Chlorine smell

chlorine smell

In a spa or a swimming pool, chlorine odors are always caused by the presence of chloramines. Chloramines come from the reaction of chlorine with the organic matter brought in by bathers: sweat, saliva, dead skin, etc. This is also known as combined chlorine because it “combines” itself with the residues.


Gradually, the more chlorine you add to the water, the higher the level of chloramines will be. People who keep the chlorine level in their spa too high (more than 5 ppm) will increase the chloramine level faster.


We recommend that you take a shower before entering the spa, as it is often the skin that provides the residue to which the chlorine will combine as it does its job of keeping the water clean.


First of all, the level of chloramines present in the water must be tested. To do this, simply take a sample of your spa water to the nearest specialist shop.


Afterwards, you only need to put 1 pack of 40 g of OXI-SHOCK in the spa water to reduce or even eliminate the chloramines.


This product is also available in 1.3 kg size (value pack). One cap represents approximately 40 g.

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